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    Includes unlimited streaming of Grief via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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released May 1, 2016

Recorded and Engineered by: Paul Dennis at Dank Bank Studios, and Logan Beaver at Octave Audio.
Reamp by: Joel Cote Bergevin at La Source Vive - Studio.
Mastered by: Paul Dennis at Dank Bank Studios and Kris Crummett at Interlace Audio
Artwork layout and design by: Scott Cumming at Scott Cumming Graphics and Design.
Piano in "The Drifter" by: Ben Palko



all rights reserved


Dreamers, Like Us Scranton, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Hallways
I'm no stranger to hospital beds
Made my peace with flashing lights and hallways with no ends
Who needs sleep when every dream reflects the possibility of everything around me crashing from the clouds down to my feet

So cherish silence like the oxygen you breathe
We're all just treading water when the under tow pulls us far too deep

I’ve had some time to think of why I'm always standing in one place
Got so strung out on these chemicals and I lost my sense of time
I need to find the line lost between passion and distraction
And draw it ever clearer in my mind

(This never goes on like I planned. This never goes away)

I'll give this animal a run for its money
Leave it penniless and cold before I'm through
I'll swim until I lose my head
I'll use the strength that I have left
Track Name: Never Tell Me the Odds
I take a drink, tip back my head
Just thirty minutes and I'll forget all about
This weight tied firmly around my legs
But this paradise inside my head gets ripped away when I'm in my bed

I'm coming clean, I can't live this life like a dream anymore
This isn't real but I can feel the heat from the flames on my face
Such a beautiful ignorance
Such a beautiful thing

It’s just so easy when my pocket holds the cure for my disease
It’s only temporary
I don't need this keeps repeating and repeating in my brain
I don't need this
I don't need this
Track Name: Don't Speak
Just settle down
There's nothing you can do
I tried to tell you once
And you wouldn’t pay attention
So this is what you get
A few chords that you can brush off and forget

Don't speak
Because I know what you're thinking
And don't forget
This is what you wanted
And this is what you get
This is what you get

Searching for a mind that's likely dead
Every second I'm away I feel it creeping past the walls I built around your head
Around your head

I’ll soon be just another man who missed his chance to be everything he needed to be
Track Name: The Drifter
We stuck it out for another year
Pumping poison through our veins
You grew your wings and got out of here
Like you always said you would

This stepping stone life
Reflects those moments when I
Had paradise before my eyes
and I kept them sealed tight

You've got so much to give
To everyone else
But one last time believe me,
In my hope that you can save yourself

I know you're changing and you like it that way
I know you think that I'll be lost till my last day
I'll write a word for every mile you drift away
Compress it down to a letter that will simply say
(You'll always be a part of me)
Track Name: The Lost Ones
This is the end I’m letting go I’m shedding all my skin
I’m taking this as far as I can stand because it’s far too much to keep inside my head (far too much to keep inside my head)

And will it be everything I need to carry on can’t you see this is killing me It’s been so long since I’ve been human (since I’ve been human)

We are the last of the lost ones we are lost take your precious time and throw it on the ground or leave it all behind for now this could be the air we breathe or the gun that warms your hand (gun that warms your hand)